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This A-Profiler we bring you Kevjumba, the YouTube top most subscribed comedian seen well over a million times. How did this teenager start making comedy videos, how he chose his screen name, and what inspires him for his subject matter? Find out where Kevjumba would like to do in the future and also what he does when he's not on camera in front of his over 36,000 subscribers.

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What is your ethnicity?
I'm Chinese and I speak Mandarin.

What's the meaning behind "Kevjumba," if anything? How did you pick the name?
A lot of people ask me the same question, I guess since the name is kind of weird. When I made this username about a year ago, I had no intentions of making my own videos, just to comment and rate other peoples videos. My friend had a screename named MattJumba, which I thought was funny. So I kind of just decided to use Jumba in my YouTube username. Now the name is becoming popular and my friend Matt wants to take credit and says I should pay him for the inspiration, haha.

KevjumbaWhat inspired you to make comedic short films of yourself on YouTube? Was that your intention all along or did it initally start as something completely different?
I had a couple inspirations to start making comedy videos. I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy, and probably my favorite comedian is Dave Chappelle. Alot of my comedic inspiration comes from him. I wanted to be like him as well, making people laugh and have a good time. Unfortunately, I'm just this Asian kid with no resources or an audience. So I resorted to YouTube since thereís such a vast amount of people that watch YouTube videos. Luckily, not long after I started posting videos, my "I have to deal with Stereotypes" video got featured, and suddenly this huge increase in viewers began to spread.

As well as making people laugh, I try and send a message across with my videos. I think what seems to make people enjoy them, is the fact that they can sort of relate to what Iím talking about. Iíll do videos about dating, addictions, materialism, internet dating, or anything thatís on my mind. Things have been going great and now four months later, my fanbase has increased and has helped me become #1 Most Subscribed Comedian.

What do your parents think of what you are doing? Do they realize you've received so many viewers?
My parents were pretty surprised when all of this happened. They were surprised because they don't find me funny, in other words, they have no sense of humor, haha. I started making these videos not long ago, during the second half of my junior year. Like any upper-middle class asian parent, they were afraid these videos would affect my schoolwork. I maintained my scores, so they were okay with my videomaking. If my grades would have slipped, I probably wouldn't be doing this interview.

Do you forsee a career in comedy in the future once you graduate high school?
I would like to. Not sure if my parents would agree, they see the entertainment industry as an unreliable and shaky business. But I've talked to them and they said I could pursue a career in comedy if I really wanted to. I'm going to be a senior in high school, so I feel I have some time to decide my career and where I see myself in the future.

Have you been recognized in person? If so, has there been a weird or crazy situation where someone recognized you as Kevjumba from YouTube?
Yes, haha. During the school year it happened frequently. I go to a big public school with about 2,500 students and random people would stop me in hallways. One time these freshman girls (about 4 of them) after English class, decided they'd approach me and ask me for my autograph.Kevjumba It was really awkward, cause it was a really busy hallway, and I was in the middle of it signing these peices of paper they pulled out of nowhere. Outside of school, I'm not approached very often. But a few weeks ago I was at a water park, and this Hispanic father came up to me and said his kids enjoyed watching my videos. I looked down at his two kids and they were about nine to eleven years old. It's just interesting to see the type of people that watch my videos, it's pretty diverse.

When not making videos, what keep you busy? Hobbies? Guilty pleasures?
I'm and avid soccer player, been playing for about 11 years. I play for the school varsity team, and a small club team named Eclipse. But I enjoy sports in general. Anything that involves a ball or lots of running, call me up, I'll come and play. I'm just your regular teenage male, I enjoy going to the movies with friends, hanging out, and watching television.

Finally, any last words for your many YouTube fans out there?
Thanks for all the support, and stay tuned, I'll be making more videos!


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